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Swithing to a seven-hour workday paid off: output went up. In addition, the staff, many of ${\color{Red}whom}$ have been with the company for decades, appreciated getting home earlier.

The refuge farm itself is actually a nonprofit organization, ${\color{Red}one}$ aiding survivors of drug and alcohol addiction, violence and other horrible experience.

Competed in 1891, in ${\color{Red}what}$ was known as $The$ $Gilded$ $Age$ , the five-story mansion is now owned by a famous actor who decides to stage a special production of Shakespeare's $Hamlet$ .

-We are looking for somebody who is fluent in Spanish. -No problem. I ${\color{red}studied}$ Spanish for four years at college.

I hope that we will be able to make it through the tough times and back to the business of working together ${\color{Red}on}$ ${\color{Red}behalf}$ ${\color{Red}of}$ our common goals.

The laptops made by our company sell best, but nobody could have guessed the place in the market that they ${\color{Red}were}$ ${\color{Red}to}$ ${\color{Red}have}$ 20 years ago.

In my driving lesson, a traffic rule that impressed me most is that in on time ${\color{Red}all}$ ${\color{Red}vehicles}$ ${\color{Red}should}$ ${\color{Red}stop}$ when the traffic lights turn red.

${\color{Red}Intending}$ the concert to raise money for hunger relief and to make the public aware of the problem, Geldof invited many famous musicians to take part in it.

Whether to favor urban development or the preservation of historical sites is especially controversial in China, where there exists rich history, diversified tradition and cultural ${\color{Red}deposits}$ .(沉积物)

${\color{Red}Had}$ ${\color{Red}it}$ ${\color{Red}not}$ ${\color{Red}been}$ for the timely investment from the outside, this company would not be so thriving as it is.

She ${\color{Red}had \ intended}$ to clean out the spare room last week, but it was much too occupied at that time.

Jinyong, considered one of the greatest ever kongfu fiction writers in China, built a magic land ${\color{Red}that}$ people could escape into every now and then.

${\color{Red}Blanketed}$ (被覆盖) in smog as winter approached, quite a lot of northen cities nationwide had to close the freeways constantly.

The regin of the next Japanese emperor will be known as "Reiwa"(令和) era, in ${\color{Red}whose}$ name the character for "harmony" is included.

Nowadays, the Internet is a popular ${\color{Red}channel}$ (频道;手段) for the public to access information and voice their opinions.

The man ${\color{Red}circulating}$ the fake news that 18 firefighters lost their lives in the explosion was arrested.

-I spent a week in Xiamen last month. -Then you must have been overcharged for sea food many a time, ${\color{Red}weren't}$ you? This city is known for that.

-Don't forget to drop me a line(写信) when you settle down. -Trust me! I won't. I'll keep you ${\color{Red}posted}$ .

I think that conflict is unlikely to happen, but if it ${\color{Red}were}$ ${\color{Red}to}$ ${\color{Red}occur}$ , the interest of both China and the U.S. would be severely damaged.

Just tell Mike ${\color{Red}whoever}$ has a good knowledge of physics and history is qualified for the position.

Bella, who is always cheerful, creates a friendly work atmosphere in her office every day, ${\color{Red}which}$ her colleagues find pleasant and relaxing.

-Many optimistic teenagers owe their personalities to their outgoing parents. -It makes sense. As we all know, a happy parent ${\color{Red}makes}$ ${\color{Red}for}$ a happy child.

-I can't understand why he ${\color{Red}should}$ ${\color{Red}have}$ ${\color{Red}been}$ so angary. I meant no offence. -It's typical of him to be so sensitive.

The lecture ${\color{Red}having}$ ${\color{Red}been}$ ${\color{Red}given}$ , a lively question-and-answer session followed.

According to the new regulation, every employee shall be paid ${\color{Red}in}$ ${\color{Red}proportion}$ ${\color{Red}to}$ their work so that productivity can be increased.

-How was the journey? -Tiring! All the seats in the train ${\color{Red}occupied}$ , I stood all the way.

A case of suspected food poisoning in the New York has led to 6 high school students ${\color{Red}being}$ ${\color{Red}sent}$ to hospital.

-I wonder what makes him a good English teacher. -He ${\color{Red}served}$ as a volunteer in the UK for two years, which helps him with his work a lot.

Despite the heavy snow outside yesterday, everybody in the company ${\color{Red}went}$ ${\color{Red}about}$ their daily tasks as usual.

Never say anything behind a person's back ${\color{red}that}$ you wouldn't say to his face.

Unpleasant advice is a good medicine, ${\color{Red}which}$ tastes bitter but is good for health.

We think the Internet is one of the most important sources ${\color{Red}that}$ we can turn to for new information.

We will only discuss such problems ${\color{Red}as}$ have something to do with our own interests.

The great wall is the only one of the buildings on the earth ${\color{Red}that}$ is seen from the moon.

Zhang Han has determined to go to France for further study. Therefore, ${\color{Red}whatever}$ difficulty it is, she will try her best to make her dream come true.

Large quantities of water ${\color{Red}are\ needed}$ for cooling purposes in the iron and steel making process.

Richness of nightlife is one of the standards that ${\color{Red}are \ used}$ to measure a region's living standard.

In recent years, many a teacher at the college ${\color{Red}has}$ abandoned teaching in favor of a career as a businessman and more than one of them ${\color{Red}has}$ achieved success.

All I want to tell you ${\color{Red}is}$ that all ${\color{Red}are}$ equal before the law.

Every means ${\color{Red}has \ been}$ tried to solve the problem, but none is effective.

Many a student ${\color{Red}has}$ been to Beijing and more than one student ${\color{Red}has}$ ever been to the Great Wall.

Every boy and every girl in our school ${\color{Red}is}$ required to wear their school uniforms on weekdays.

Now that the road ${\color{Red}has}$ ${\color{Red}been}$ ${\color{Red}completed}$ and villagers can safely walk all the way to the bottom of the mountain without fear of injury, Mr.Zhang has started working on a second road that leads to a water spring.

Even if there was a gun in my hand and he ${\color{Red}was}$ ${\color{Red}standing}$ in front of me, I would not shoot him.

${\color{Red}As}$ ${\color{Red}a}$ ${\color{Red}rule}$ (通常情况下), John works till six o'clock in the afternoon except weekends.

According to the timetable, the train for Shanghai ${\color{Red}leaves}$ at seven o'clock in the morning.

-Is Wang Huan a teacher? -Yes. But she ${\color{Red}served}$ in the army for two years.

-Where is the telephone book? -I ${\color{Red}will}$ ${\color{Red}get}$ it for you.

David said he would climb Mount Tai with his friends next Sunday if it ${\color{Red}didn't}$ ${\color{Red}rain}$ .

The audience burst into laughter because of the ${\color{Red}slip}$ (错误) of the tongue from the host, who said, " Good ladies, evening and gentlemen! "

-It was the third time that Rodger ${\color{Red}had}$ ${\color{Red}phoned}$ me to say he had a new job. -It's difficult to keep a young man in one job for life nowadays.

When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers, and remember that's ${\color{Red}where}$ my fingers fit perfectly.

Next year's key challenges include risks in the financial area and old issues that have yet ${\color{Red}to}$ ${\color{Red}be}$ ${\color{Red}solved}$ .

The application of modern technology like AI in classroom teaching increasingly received a mixed ${\color{Red}reception}$ (欢迎) among students.

I felt like giving up. I probably ${\color{red}would \ have}$ , but my Dad whispered,"come on! You can make it!"

"But for the fact that you ${\color{Red}studied}$ here for 3 years, I ${\color{Red}wouldn't}$ ${\color{Red}be}$ ${\color{Red}studying}$ in this key high school now, facing its endless homework and exams!" the poor girl cried to her helpless father.

-What makes you so nervous? -The China vs Iran World Cup qualifier will ${\color{Red}kick}$ ${\color{Red}off}$ tonight.

Just surf the Internet and then call one ${\color{red}of \ which}$ the telephone number is provided.

Molly finally agreed, ${\color{Red}somewhat}$ (等价于to some degree) reluctantly, to go and see a doctor.

I know he feels upset about his failure, and I can ${\color{Red}relate}$ ${\color{Red}to}$ (理解) that.

The company needs to ${\color{Red}shake}$ ${\color{Red}off}$ its outdated image to promote its newly-released product. (shake off one's image摆脱 $\cdots$ 的形象)

He was offered a position at the local church school, ${\color{Red}after}$ ${\color{Red}which}$ he went to the Cambridge.

Usually, I spend my money carefully, as I have to, ${\color{Red}given}$ that I don't earn that much.

-Did you tell others that I'm leaving the company soon? You heave such a big mouth ! -I am so sorry about that. It was just a ${\color{Red}slip}$ of the tongue.

-Would you like to give me the ${\color{Red}formula}$ for success? -Make some mistakes. That's where you'll find success (recipe意为“食谱、方法”;receipt意为“收据、契据”)

Liza ${\color{Red}may}$ well not want to go on the trip --- she hates traveling. (“may well”和“might well”意为“很可能”)

Morris ordered the flowers and chocolates he would present to his wife on Valentine's Day ${\color{Red}well}$ ${\color{Red}in}$ ${\color{Red}advance}$ .

"The Wandering Earth" tells a story that the world goverment decides to move Earth to a new solar system as the sun dies, but unfortunately the Earth is on an apparent ${\color{Red}collision}$ (碰撞) course with Jupiter.


${\color{blue}consensus}$ 【共识】Secondly,what would be a sufficient(足够) consensus to ground an appeal to social justice?

${\color{blue}fish \ in \ the \ air}$ 【白费力气】

${\color{blue}sit \ on \ the \ fence}$ 【观望.jpg】

${\color{blue}caught \ red}$ ${\color{blue}-handed}$ 【抓个现行】

${\color{red}by \ virtue \ of}$ 【凭借】

${\color{blue}fat \ chance}$ 【渺茫的希望/可能性】

${\color{blue}good \ Samaritan}$ 【乐善好施的人】

${\color{blue}fly \ off \ the \ handle}$ 【勃然大怒】

${\color{blue}beat \ around \ the \ bush}$ 【拐弯抹角】

${\color{blue}pull \ through}$ 【康复】

${\color{blue}efficient}$ 【高效】

${\color{blue}budget}$ 【预算】

${\color{blue}pension}$ 【退休金】

${\color{blue}on}$ ${\color{blue}account}$ ${\color{blue}of}$ 【由于】

${\color{blue}no \ sweat}$ 【小事一桩、没问题】

${\color{blue}associate}$ 【关联】The Reserve has been in the traditional associate unit business since 1968, where reservists fly and maintain aircraft owned by the active duty.

${\color{blue}reserve}$ 【保留】

${\color{blue}revision}$ 【调整】Reference works, like guide books, need constant revision and sometimes replacement.

${\color{blue}get}$ ${\color{blue}over}$ 【克服】

${\color{blue}the}$ ${\color{blue}salt}$ ${\color{blue}of}$ ${\color{blue}the}$ ${\color{blue}earth}$ 【社会中坚】

${\color{blue}a}$ ${\color{blue}big}$ ${\color{blue}potato}$ 【大人物】

${\color{blue}the}$ ${\color{blue}apple}$ ${\color{blue}of}$ ${\color{blue}our}$ ${\color{blue}eye}$ 【掌上明珠】

${\color{blue}pull \ yourself \ together}$ 【重新振作】

${\color{blue}ample}$ 【充足】

${\color{blue}trembled}$ 【颤抖的】

${\color{blue}twisted}$ 【扭曲的】

${\color{blue}send}$ ${\color{blue}over}$ 【发送】

${\color{blue}tentative}$ 【暂时的】

${\color{blue}consistent}$ 【持续的】

${\color{blue}confidential}$ 【机密的】

${\color{blue}beauty \ is \ in \ the \ eye \ of \ the \ beholder}$ 【情人眼里出西施】

${\color{blue}conventional}$ 【传统的】

${\color{blue}concrete}$ 【具体的】

${\color{blue}cater}$ ${\color{blue}to}$ 【迎合】

${\color{blue}contrary}$ 【相反、对立的】

${\color{blue}abrupt}$ 【粗鲁的、突然的】

${\color{blue}object}$ ${\color{blue}to}$ 【反对】

${\color{blue}appeal}$ ${\color{blue}to}$ 【吸引】

${\color{blue}expect \ (sb)}$ ${\color{Red}to \ do}$ || ${\color{blue}anticipate}$ ${\color{Red}(doing) \ sth}$

${\color{blue}a}$ ${\color{blue}tough}$ ${\color{blue}nut}$ 【难对付的人】

${\color{blue}our}$ ${\color{blue}great}$ ${\color{blue}rock}$ 【我们的支持者】

${\color{blue}bring \ out}$ 【呈现(方面)】

${\color{blue}sort \ out}$ 【分类;处理(问题)】

${\color{blue}on \ top \ of}$ 【除了】

${\color{blue}in \ no \ time}$ 【 $\Leftrightarrow$ $at \ once$ 】(注意要与 $at$ $no \ $ $time$ 区分)

${\color{blue}account}$ 【账户;描述; $\cdots$ 】

${\color{blue}pick \ up \ the \ pieces}$ 【收拾残局】

${\color{blue}jump \ down \ your \ throat}$ 【训斥某人】

${\color{blue}put \ out}$ 【(另)出版】

${\color{blue}phenomenon}$ 【现象】

${\color{blue}roll \ out}$ 【推出;离开; $\cdots$ 】

${\color{blue}throw \ in \ the \ towel}$ 【认输】

${\color{blue}the}$ ${\color{blue}best}$ ${\color{blue}fish}$ 【好人】

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